Sean Barton - Game Developer

Get SuperTiled2Unity

SuperTiled2Unity is my custom-built tool made to seamlessly import Tiled Map Editor assets into Unity. That name is purposely tongue-in-cheek as SuperTiled2Unity is the second generation of Tiled2Unity, a popular exporter I first released in May of 2014 which is now deprecated.

I strive to make SuperTiled2Unity painless to use. Just drag-and-drop your Tiled assets into your Unity project and you should be good to go. Any further changes you make to your Tiled files will be automatically imported for you as you save.

Documentation for SuperTiled2Unity is found here. (Yes, there’s not much there yet. I’ll build this up over time.)

SuperTiled2Unity is also available as a GitHub repository here. Please report any issues or bugs there. Other forms of communication are too easily missed/forgotten.

I’ve happily made SuperTiled2Unity available under the name-your-price-even-free scheme so that people of any means can try their hand at 2D game development. I only ask that you consider making a purchase or a contribution should this tool become an essential part of your productivity.

Thank-you and enjoy!
-Sean Barton