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Epic Mickey in Stores November 30th

28 October 2010

Hi there! This is an old post that may reference technology or views I now consider outdated - or maybe even a little embarrassing. Enjoy at your own risk.

Back in June I was still a bit high from the positive response Epic Mickey had received from our E3 showing:

But now we’re in everyone’s face, so to speak, and it’s time to deliver. It’s possible that I’ll never get the opportunity to work on a game of such potential again -  so I’m going all in.

Well, I think the studio leadership must have heard about me going all in, because I can’t remember a thing from the summer and fall of 2010 except being tied to my desk helping our team get this baby out the door.

Disney Epic Mickey logo

I’m not complaining. I’m very much aware of how difficult it is to ship. Besides, it looks like Epic Mickey is poised to become the most successful game of my career – and by a large margin. This is also the first time I’ll be able to play one of my games with the kids – with all three of us enjoying the experience - much like we do with Super Mario Galaxy, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Chibi Robo, Zack & Wiki, Rocket Slime, etc.. That’s some pretty good company right there.

And my kids just love Oswald the Lucky Rabbit now. Ella below was especially delighted when I told her that Oswald is voiced by the legendary Frank Welker (he did Megatron back in the 80s, and my kids are just so cool for getting that).

Kids love Oswald 

Anyway, my work on the title is done, and we’ll be on store shelves November 30th. Now to get back to all the other stuff in life I love so much …


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