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Aseprite2Unity Now Available

02 January 2019


Happy New Year 2019! Over the holidays I got back into my hobby projects and put something together that others may find useful. Yesterday, I made it available for the public under the pay-what-you-want-or-free model.

I love Unity but working with the built-in sprite and animation editors has long been an annoyance for me. So, I took what I consider to be the best 2D sprite authoring tool (Aseprite) and created a scripted importer for it.

My latest tool, Aseprite2Unity, drills into .ase or .aseprite files and creates sprites and animation clips automatically. The resulting prefab is ready to go with SpriteRenderer and Animator components filled out.

You can download and learn more about this tool on the Aseprite2Unity page. Enjoy!

Mega Dad frames


Hi! My name is Sean Barton (aka Seanba).

I’m an American-Canadian software developer working in Austin, Texas where I never have to shovel snow. :fire:

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Aseprite2Unity imports sprites and animations for use with your Unity projects. Like all my tools it is available for free or name your price.

Get Aseprite2Unity.


SuperTiled2Unity is a collection of Unity scripts that import Tiled Map Editor files to your Unity projects. You can download for free or name your price.

Get SuperTiled2Unity.

(Note that regular Tiled2Unity is now deprecated.) :zzz:


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