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This is my little blog where I occassional talk about things I’m interested in (programming, video games, etc.) and share some knowledge I’ve learned through the years as a game developer.

Most people coming here are interested in the tools I’ve made available to help with 2D game developement using the Unity game engine.

If you’d like to learn more about me and some of the games I’ve worked on then check out my about page. Thanks!



Hi! My name is Sean Barton (aka Seanba).

I’m an American-Canadian software developer working in Austin, Texas where I never have to shovel snow. :fire:

My career focuses exclusively on video game software and tools. You can read more about me here.


Aseprite2Unity imports sprites and animations for use with your Unity projects. Like all my tools it is available for free or name your price.

Get Aseprite2Unity.


SuperTiled2Unity is a collection of Unity scripts that import Tiled Map Editor files to your Unity projects. You can download for free or name your price.

Get SuperTiled2Unity.

(Note that regular Tiled2Unity is now deprecated.) :zzz:


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